Flash Fictions

These are short stories of less than 500 words each. Nice bitesized reads! I sometimes like to read these aloud, too.


Image by Lewis Robbins

A teenage boy finds his life's purpose in a disturbing moment hunting rabbits.

CW: gore, animal cruelty

Published by Pulp Metal Magazine

oot robert neil.jpg

Image by Robert Neil

Ayrshire gal, Molly, doesn't expect to have her first lesbian experience that night. As for the identity of this perfect stranger? She certainly didn't expect that either!


Published by Gendertrash

about a girl 2.jpg

Image by Kenzie Clark

Years later, a girl writes a letter to her high-school unrequited love. An apology of sorts.

Published by Minus Paper

2016-08-22 17.49.37.jpg

Image by Jen Hughes

American Lobster & Snapper Fish have shared their tank for years, yet their fascination for the Dry World on the other side of the glass never ceases.


Published by Idle Ink

nightclubbing by ninafacedesigns.jpg


Image by Nina Soto

A precocious seventeen year old goes to a weird and trashy nightclub in downtown Wellington, and documents what she sees.

Published in Minus Paper


Still Life

Image by Jen Hughes

An attempt to fit in at school backfires, as an S6 pupil tries to get a photo taken for the yearbook.


Published by Minus Paper

bonfire night.jpg

Published in Jotters United

Image by Dazz Draws


I wrote this trio of flash fictions originally as part of a university application. They are the first flash fictions I have ever written, and I'm proud of them for what they are.

My work has been published in Paragraph Planet, who only publish flash fictions of 75 words. 

binka_feline endurance.jpg

An exclusive look at a cat's struggles with its new housemate.

first violinist final edit.jpg

A young violinist in the moment of her first solo performance with her orchestra.


A missing child runs to a payphone and tries to call his sister for help.