I regularly read my poetry aloud, but I've also been published in a few magazines and things.

Here's some tasters of what I've written:

artistic melodrama in a minor_edited.jpg

Image by Jen Hughes

Inspired by a modern art piece in Wellington that I didn't understand.

Published in Idle Ink


Image by Jen Hughes

Part 2 of a pair of love centos, based on poems by Maya Angelou.


Archived from Adjacent Pineapple

metal hell.jpg

Image by Sophie McNicol

Braces are the worst, am I right?


Archived from Oletangy Review.

tae a mouse.png

Image by Dazz Draws

Burns' Tae a Mouse, but it's told from the mouse's point of view

Published in Ogilvie Review


Image by Wix

A poem about the true value of our possessions


Published in Ariel Chart

black friday by kevin main 2.jpg

Image by Kevin Main

A poem about, as the title suggests, Black Friday. 

Published in Minus Paper

is love a violent feeling by sophie mcni

Image by Sophie McNicol

A fraught yet defensive love poem.

Published in Minus Paper

nightclubbing by ninaface designs.jpg

Image by Nina Soto

A poem of ten lines about me.

Archived from Seakay's Guide

the heart would leak1.jpg

Image by Jen Hughes

A love poem about going steady

Published on Medium.com


Image by Wix

I used to work with some amazing kids so I wrote a poem dedicated to them

Published in Bonnie's Crew Issue 6 (p46)


Image by Jen Hughes

Part 1 of a pair of love centos, based on poems by Maya Angelou.


Archived from Adjacent Pineapple


I Write Because

Image by Robyn Watt

A small part of a collaborative performance with Sonnet Youth.

Check out the video here


Image by Sophie McNicol

For my mother, who's been a great support to me throughout my life.

Published in Idle Ink

this gives me closure, george avill.png

Image by George Avill

A prose poem about overcoming the heartbreak from a brief affair.


Originally published Inventives Magazine, now on Medium.com