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My Writing

I regularly read my poetry aloud, but I've also been published in a few magazines and things.

Here's some tasters of what I've written:

artistic melodrama in a minor_edited.jpg

Image by Jen Hughes

Inspired by a modern art piece in Wellington that I didn't understand.

Published in Idle Ink

is love a violent feeling by sophie mcni

Image by Sophie McNicol

A fraught yet defensive love poem.
CW gory imagery

Published in Minus Paper

Black and White Earth

Image by Wix

A poem about climate change from Keep On Spinning. Mother Earth can't tolerate our destructive ways much longer.

Published in FWS Arbroath anthology

nightclubbing by ninaface designs.jpg

Image by Nina Soto

A poem of ten lines about me.

Archived from Seakay's Guide

the heart would leak1.jpg

Image by Jen Hughes

A love poem about going steady

Published on


Image by Wix

I used to work with some amazing kids so I wrote a poem dedicated to them

Published in Bonnie's Crew Issue 6 (p46)

black friday by kevin main 2.jpg

Image by Kevin Main

A poem about, as the title suggests, Black Friday. 

Published in Minus Paper


I Write Because

Image by Robyn Watt

A small part of a collaborative performance with Sonnet Youth.

Check out the video here

Gold Fish

Image by Wix

A poem about a guy I met through the dating site Plenty of Fish. He was nice, but we just weren't compatible. Sea life puns ahoy!

Published in Quail's Bell


Image by Sophie McNicol

For my mother, who's been a great support to me throughout my life.

Published in Idle Ink

this gives me closure, george avill.png

Image by George Avill

A prose poem about overcoming the heartbreak from a brief affair.


Originally published Inventives Magazine, now on

Heart Cookies

Image from Wix

A love poem I wrote about for my boyfriend.

Published by Quail's Bell

metal hell.jpg

Image by Sophie McNicol

Braces are the worst, am I right?


Archived from Oletangy Review.


Image from Wikimedia Commons

A short poem about the Mars rovers. From Keep On Spinning.

Published in Headstuff Magazine

tae a mouse.png

Image by Dazz Draws

Burns' Tae a Mouse, but it's told from the mouse's point of view

Published in Ogilvie Review

Vintage Trinkets

Image by Wix

A poem about the true value of our possessions


Published in Ariel Chart

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