Hers (A Cento)

Made lovingly with snippets from Maya Angelou’s 1986 collection And Still I Rise plus poems Touched by An Angel, and When Great Trees Fall, viewed online. Reassembled into a cento in February 2016.

Play me a game like Blind Man’s Dance

Your hands easy

With a kind of


Love by nature exacts a pain

We, unaccustomed to courage,

Watch behind the curtains

I wait in silence

To stay between the unsung notes of night

Dreams are petted like

A psalm to love

Have I known your lips

Had I known that the heart

After a period of peace blooms

We can be. Be and be

Knowing something

Cascades of brilliance, astrally

Dare us new dreams, Columbus

Love arrives

I wait in silence

Beside you, prone

To liberate us to life.

Part 2 of a pair of centos, originally published on Adjacent Pineapple.

Read Part 1, "His" here.

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