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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Are you tired of sifting through Buzzfeed video after Buzzfeed video on the trending tab? Do you yearn for something more than yet another Paul brother or beauty YouTuber scandal or ‘social experiments’ gone wrong, gone sexual? Or have you exhausted your Netflix catalog and want to watch something different? Fear not, for I have spent three years watching an ungodly amount of YouTube videos from a wide variety of different creators, so you can bet I have a lot of recommendations for you all.

Here are just five that I’ve discovered over the years.

1. Todd in the Shadows

I discovered Todd in the Shadows while researching the format of music reviews for my own review of Odd Beasts by British hiphop group, The Menagerie and I’m so glad that I did. I finally found someone who could articulate both my love and hatred of the past decade of pop music, and through his yearly Best Lists I have found some of my favourite songs.

If contemporary pop isn’t your scene, then not to worry. He also has series “One Hit Wonderland” where he explores a wide variety of one hit wonders and their backstories as well as “Trainwreckords" which talks about albums from highly esteemed artists that 'wrecked' the careers of the artists involved.

2. Multiplicity and Me

This channel is run by Jess, an intelligent young woman with dissociative identity disorder and her five distinct ‘alters’ or alternative personalities. As a psychology graduate, she set up the channel to raise awareness of her condition.

People with this disorder are often misdiagnosed or discredited and battle negative stereotypes created by the mainstream media. Her videos are highly educational and well researched.

To an outsider who knows nothing of the condition, it is a fascinating yet friendly insight into DID.

3. Extra Credits

With cute and simplistic illustrations and the narration the soft-spoken older brother you never had; Extra Credits talks about a wide range of topics from video games to world history. Their long running series, Extra History, puts human motivation and heart into historical events and figures in ways that most teachers can only dream of.

Who said learning wasn’t fun? The video series about the 1918 Spanish Flu is especially necessary during these times and serves as a reminder that we have overcome crises like the coronavirus before.

4. Fredrik Knudsen

I’ll be honest and say that Fredrik Knudsen is my favourite YouTuber and has been for a long time.

His channel is home to a series of documentary deep-dives called Down the Rabbit Hole, which explores internet and historical curiosities from the Austrian Wine Poisoning Scandal to crowdfunding sinkhole, Star Citizen; from maligned internet figures like Chris Chan to literary abomination Empress Theresa.

The video that inspired me most was his video on the SCP Foundation. This is an internet storytelling platform where each story is structured like an X Files type document on anomalies or aliens. I am working on a few short pieces I hope to put on the website someday. He also started The Warrens, a podcast which he hosts with a fellow YouTuber Jabroni Mike, which explores similar rabbit-holes in a more informal style.

5. Caddicarus

I’ve loved Caddicarus for years now and is possibly the zaniest games reviewer I’m subscribed to. With insightful game reviews stretching from the PS1 to the Nintendo Switch, his channel is injected with a nice balance of in-depth analysis, goofy and surreal humour and on some occasions a pathological hatred of Peppa Pig.

I subscribed to him after his video on Dalmations 3, a knockoff Disney PS2 game with virtually no game play and a terrible 45-minute cartoon. However I highly recommend the video about various Dreamworks tie-in games and his review of Playstation All Stars for the PS3 with Scott the Woz.

These channels are all pretty different from one another, and this is merely because I hope my recommendations will act as a springboard for you to find a whole new bunch of YouTube channels or content creators that you enjoy, and that you might not have found otherwise. Happy watching!

What do you think of my reccomendations? Do you have channels you can recommend me? Get in touch through my Facebook or Instagram, referring to this blog post.

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