Short Stories

These short stories are all over 500 words. They've been published in a few online magazines here and there. Check them out!

about a girl.jpg

Image by McKenzie Clark

Sara is delighted to have made friends in her year group, and one boy, Bryn, who likes her a lot. But she learns that these friends are not what they seem to be.

CW: exploitation, bullying, ableism and ableist slurs, allusions to sex

Published in McStorytellers

Illustrated Pig

Image by Wix

Mummy Pig tells a good bedtime story. But it's not the nice story Percy needs to go to sleep.


Published in Everyday Fiction


Appleby 2011 521.jpg

Image by Norma Baillie

When Erin becomes the lodger, it changes Blossom and Phineas'relationship irrevocably. Is it really true that two’s company but three’s a crowd?

CW: attempted suicide

Published in Minus Paper

Notebook Sketch

Image by Wix

Bryn learns a bittersweet lesson about what friendship means in the most unlikely place- lunchtime detention.

CW: bullying

Published on the McStorytellers.


Rosie by Sunshine Herbert (DOLL).jpg

Image by Sunshine Herbert

All she wants is to spend the rest of her life with her musician boyfriend Luke. But will she ever be anything more than just his Doll?

CW: gory imagery

Published in Minus Paper

requiem by dazz.jpg

Image by Dazz Draws

Magda's traumatic past comes back to haunt her at her former music teacher's funeral, quite literally...

CW: sexual abuse, gore.


Published on Pulp Metal Magazine, as well as Gaelstrom Magazine (Issue 1)