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Art Contributors

Thank you so much to the artists who've kindly let me use their work to make my website pretty.

If you could check them out and support their art, that would be perfect!

If you are an artist or photographer who would like to see some of your work on the website. feel free to get in touch!


Sophie McNicol

(Is Love A Violent Feeling; Metal Hell; Showbiz Mother)

Sophie NcNicol is a Scottish illustrator and graphic designer, with a love of plants, nature, the weird, wonderful and macabre. She thrives on wobbly lines, wonky shapes and contrasting colours. 

Check out her Facebook for more! 

dazzdraws profile_edited.jpg

(Requiem, 'Embers' Collection, Tae A Mouse)

Dazz is an Animation Graduate and he draws. Hence the name. 

If you fancy commissioning him, email him at You can also find him on Facebook.

mckenzie clark.jpg

(About A Girl; Love Letter)

Kenzie is a 19-year-old student living in Bellingham, Washington. They are studying Linguistics, Spanish, and Arabic, but hopes to continue pursuing photography and videography as hobbies. Their portfolio covers a wide range of works, from landscape nature shots to portraits. You can find this on their Instagram.

Camera Equipment

Robyn Watt

(Why I Write)

Robyn is a cinematographer, photographer and filmmaker based in Glasgow, Scotland.

nina soto.png

(Nightclubbing; Self Aware)

Nina Soto is a self taught artist. She mainly creates stylized illustrations and character design. Often times she is making expressive and cosmic work. She previously did live art for galleries and now works through her home studio.


Check out her Instagram @xx_art_by_nina_xx .  

sunshine herbert.jpg


Sunshine Herbert is a fantastical, whimsy inspired artist, living amongst the cobbled streets of sunny Melbourne, Australia. As a professional artist, her work has been displayed in several national galleries and sold internationally.

With quite a few children’s books under her belt, she’s becoming obsessed with character development in her art and allowing her little people to live their own lives.

For sneaky peaks of works in progress, things in the pipeline and awesome stuff about Sunshine, check out her website,  and YouTube channel.


(This Gives Me Closure)

Early examples of Georgia's work are always utilising the medium of acrylic paint to communicate people’s relationships with the self and with each other. Despite her medium changing as she  has  begun studying art at university, her  focus on the importance of our individual relationships can still be seen in all of her  work. The positive and the negative as they love and hate each other in unison.

Check out her Instagram @george.avill

kevin main_edited.jpg

(Black Friday)

Kevin Main is a photographer from Glasgow who enjoys taking photographs of people in their natural creative element from theatre, film, spoken word and more. 

You can find him on Facebook. 

robert neil_edited.jpg


Robert Neil: street poet, comedian and amateur photographer. Raised in Galston in East Ayrshire now lives in Prestwick ,South Ayrshire. Doesn't seek platitudes but lives off the crumbs of gratitude thrown his way

(Profile photo taken by Tracy Harvey)

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