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Ease Deeper

Beautiful feeling, beautiful meeting-

I want to melt into your arms more

Than anything.

But I don’t trust things that are pleasing.

This pleasure could be deceiving.

My soul glows for you in my eyes.

I can’t blink, I can’t hide

What I feel inside.

You’re a hot bath after a stressful day.

You’re the warmth that dissolves my woes

Like the scented salt and suds in the waters below.

I want you close, always.

I should say,

You’re Ibuleve for my tenseness.

I don’t know if I’m senseless

From the cold showers I’ve lived with.

So long, the lukewarm denying my senses

My limbs are tingling, pins and needles but nice

I must say it tonight.

I’ve never been great at being concise,

Using five verses when three words suffice:

I feel safe

I feel loved

I’m not wrong

I can relax

You are right

I want to ease deeper with you.

I want to spend my life with you

I love you.

Originally published as part of 8D Press's New Scottish Writing Lucent Anthology: An Ode To Nan Shepherd's The Living Mountain (June 2021). It was a hardback anthology with a beautiful cover and a limited print run, I felt I should archive it here for you to read, seeing as the book itself has sold out. There weren't any e-copies made available, unfortunately.

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