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Sugar Sweet

I learned to let you go today.

My love for you scattered in the wind,

Like dandelion seeds.

I let go of the heartache, the love sickness,

The shame and the intensity.

How unrequited our friendship became.

Because I finally got the hint.

All I can assume is that you’re happier without me.

Love is wanting your sugar sweet to be happy.

My love for you meant more than my need to keep you.

You wanted me to leave you be,

And I’m glad I’ve come to terms with that.

I hope that, one day, you’ll see how beautiful you really are

And that you’ll start to love yourself almost as much as I did.

Originally published in Sapphic Writer's Zine (Autumn 2021). I can't find the PDF anywhere and all links to the zine are gone now. It was a really nice zine, it's a shame that most traces of it are gone.

Link :

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