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Look Within

Look within and live.

It’s hard to look outside.

Even when the sun shines,

You see both a bright blue sky

And the sun’s piercing light in your eyes,

Your prism window sill the magnifying glass

To your helpless lonely ant.

Look within, though in many ways

It’s harder than the window on a nice day.

Who wants to look at the rain

In their minds, that could pour from their eyes

Whenever the clouds burst?

Look within anyway,

Find the magic circle

Glittering moon water pool

Candy-floss hurricane

Tender nooks and crannies

You’ll never know you have

Unless you explore yourself.

Look within and live,

Fuck it, it’ll pass the time.

Originally published as part of Poetry In The Time of Coronavirus (PITTOC) Anthology #2. It is/was a book that whatever profits go to Doctors Without Borders. You might be able to get a copy on AMAZON, but it is probably out of print now.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders here:

Donate to Partners in Health here:

Original Amazon order link:

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