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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Inspired by an old social media 'game' from 2010, the Thirty Day Photo Challenge. I essentially adapted it for poetry. You could probably adapt it for fiction or memoir or songs or whatever you like. I'm putting it up in hope that it'll help you. Maybe you need some inspiration to come out of a bad bout of writer's block. Maybe you want to expand your portfolio and don't know where to start. Or you just want to try it for the hell of it, and use it to experiment with new styles and forms.

The original deadline I set was thirty days, but I found that this was a bit much for me. You can set any deadline you think is realistic. I'll keep you posted on my own progress, and link it in here as I go along.

Feel free to tag me or use the hashtag #thirtypoemchallenge if you found it helpful. I'd love to see the work that comes from it.

AUTHORS NOTE: I have made some changes to some of the prompts as they are a bit too specific for what I had hoped for the challenge. I'm adding links as I go along, as here are some of the poems here that I want to try and get published in other places.

EDIT: Some of the poems I originally wrote at the time don't really hold up. So I restarted a few of the numbers. This is a challenge I reattempt every so often when I need some inspiration.

2. A poem about the person you have been closest to the longest

3. A poem about/inspired by your favourite TV Show

5. A poem about favorite memory

6. A poem about the person who’s gotten you through the most.

7. A poem about a crazy/unusual adventure/encounter.

8. A poem about something you hate/fear

9. A poem about something you love

10. A poem about your favourite band/artist

11. A poem about life/death

12. A poem about someone you couldn’t imagine your life without

14. A poem about something that has made an impact on your life recently

15. A poem about your insecurities

16. A poem about your identity- what makes you you?

17. A poem about travelling/vacation/holidays

18. A poem about something you wish you could forget

19. A poem about some thing(s) you wish you were better at

20. A poem about or inspired by your favourite book

21. A poem about some thing(s) you wish you could change.

22. A poem about your day

24. A poem about a family member

25. A poem about some thing(s) you are afraid of

26. A poem about things that made/makes you smile

27. A poem about someone you miss

28. A poem about trading places/lives.

30. A poem about what makes you laugh.

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